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Josie Roberts.
She taught me how to love.
She taught me how to hate.
She burst into my heart as abruptly as she left. 
I’ve spent eleven years wondering why until she showed up all these years later.
Still bright. Still beautiful. 
Still the only woman I’d loved.
* * *
Luke Barrett.
Lover. Liar. Cheat. Criminal.
He left me on the hook for his sins.
I haven’t thought of him since the day I said: “I do.” 
But life has a funny way of unearthing your deepest, darkest desire.
And mine just happens to be him.

Privately: Barrett Brothers Book #1, Released 6/7/19

Available on Amazon and is FREE in Kindle Unlimited.

Meeting the love of my life on today’s hottest dating app? Sign me up! 
Chatting up a sexy mystery man? Hell yeah!
Throwing caution to the wind and getting a little raunchy? F*** yes!
Dealing with a new boss who’s hell on earth? Ugh, no thank you.

Jason Barrett might be the sexiest man I’ve seen in ages, but he’s also a nightmare of a boss.
Constant side-eye and insane expectations are just the tip of the iceberg with him. 
He knows how to push my buttons and walks around like he owns the place.
And the way he acts after a literal office run-in? Forget it.

Luckily, I’ve found a special someone on Privately, the newest, hottest dating app.
Sure, it has an air of mystery to it, but I like the suspense.
But now that it’s time to meet, anxiety is creeping in. 
What if he doesn’t like me?
What if he wears his pants up to his chin?
In Privately’s world, there’s no telling who or what the app will throw your way.
Let’s just hope it’s not anyone terrible.
Like Jason F*ckin Barrett.

**Warning, explicit language and intimate situations**