Jack Off

“I remember you.”
Those three words are usually harmless.
But not when they come from the lips of Jack.
Jack Offenbach.
A man whose lawn I once graced in all my tequila-fueled, veil-wearing glory.
Oh, and he’s my new boss.
Who doesn’t look too happy to see me.

I thought I’d matured beyond sloppy nights out and the sickening scent of the morning after.
But I thought wrong.

But maybe this new direction is the right one after all.
Maybe I’m meant for this job.
Maybe I was meant to meet Jack.
Even if he’s more than fitting of my not-so-nice nickname for him… at times.

Life was sailing smoothly in one direction until one big gust of what-the-cluck blew me off course.
And right back to my hometown.

Jack Off is a contemporary romantic comedy with a grouchy hero, a down-on-her-luck heroine, and an adorable dog. Prepare for inappropriate humor, dad jokes, and maybe a woodland creature or two.

Circle Jerk

Moving sounded like a dream come true.
New house, new job, new me, right?
Not quite.

For one, I can’t totally reinvent myself with a kid in tow, so hair dye will have to do.
Second, this new adventure brought Knox.
You know, the neighborhood jerk and all-around A-hole, Knox Brighton?
Or as my son calls him: the circle jerk.
Hey, I laughed, too.

Anyway, Knox creeps up at the worst times and always leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
Until one day, he didn’t.
He put his tongue there instead.

With that kiss came an offer I couldn’t refuse.
One that took “faking it” to a new level.
Let’s hope this fake relationship doesn’t lead to any real feelings.

Rebel: Holly Hearth Book #4

Coloring in the lines isn’t for me.
Neither is the quiet life.
I party hard every step of the way.
Maybe a little too hard.

Now I’m in quite the pickle, and my family is desperate to wrangle me in.
I guess the law is too, judging by the sexy ankle bracelet I’m rocking for the next few months.

I’ve traded in groupie life for group therapy, where I met the man whose motorcycle and tats haunt daddies’ dreams everywhere.
The man who’s as infuriating as he is sexy.

In Lev Rebel, I might’ve finally met my wild child match.
Every day I spend with him, I lose my mind a little more.
But in the end, I might lose my heart, too.

Later Slater: Holly Hearth Book #3

Spending summer break in paradise was a dream come true. 
All expenses paid and the chance to date a Hollywood heartthrob?
I couldn’t sign up for the Fix Up fast enough.
Too bad I didn’t read the fine print.

You see, all it takes is a little editing and poof, you’re a TV villain.
I went from culinary kid to #cancelled.
I fell in love with Theron Slater.

The rising star dropped me without so much as a warning.
Now I’m left with a heart as minced as the garlic in the only kitchen that will hire me.
A heart that turns to stone when he shows up one day at my job looking for more than just takeout.
Did he really think a simple sorry would cut it?

I’m Talita Nunes.
America’s most-hated girl.
And the last person who will ever fall for that dimpled smile again.

Coming of Sage: Holly Heart Book #2

I need a drink. 
Or four.
I’ve handled a lot of, ahem, tools in my life. 
But none as big or thick as Sage Mullen.
Thick-skulled, that is. 
He’s my best friend’s older brother and a complete jerk.
I’m also stuck with him for a long weekend in Vegas.
Oh, and one small detail…
We shared a night once that still curls my toes just thinking about. 
That was before he shattered me into a thousand pieces, of course.

I need to play it cool and keep my eyes on the prize. 
And off of him.
I’ve had a taste of that disaster before, and it still burns my tongue.
Four days. 
I can do it. 
The future of my business is on the line. 
No pressure, right?

Dashing Through the No: Holly Hearth Book #1

Fired and arrested. 
What a way to kick off the holidays.
Brandon earned every inch of the phallic surprise on his car, but that doesn’t mean Fate cares. 
You see, she and I have been battling for years.
Things are looking up, though.
I scored a break, and community service is my only punishment.
After that, I’d be free and clear, right? Not.

Volunteering at the first responders’ holiday party should have been a breeze.
All I had to do was dress like an elf for the night.
I could do that.
But that would have been too easy.
Why? Because I’m Juni Mullen, and poor life choices and I are best friends.

What’d I do now?
Let’s just say Juni was doing a lot more than kissing Santa Claus.
And the man playing him?
My brother’s best friend.
Yeah, I know.
If you need me, I’ll be in the tub with a bottle of wine.


Painted Love: Barrett Brothers Book #3

Hiring a crush is foolish. 
Hiring an obsession is downright dangerous.
I’ve built an empire I’d die to protect, only to plant a landmine at its center. 
Keely Doyle is the air in my lungs. 
The blood in my veins. 
The muse to my madness.
Because of her, I’m worth millions. 
And because of her, I might lose it all.

Barrett All: Barrett Brothers Book #2

Josie Roberts.
She taught me how to love.
She taught me how to hate.
She burst into my heart as abruptly as she left. 
I’ve spent eleven years wondering why until she showed up all these years later.
Still bright. Still beautiful. 
Still the only woman I’d loved.
* * *
Luke Barrett.
Lover. Liar.. Criminal.
He left me on the hook for his sins.
I haven’t thought of him since the day I said: “I do.” 
But life has a funny way of unearthing your deepest, darkest desire.
And mine just happens to be him.

Privately: Barrett Brothers Book #1

Meeting the love of my life on today’s hottest dating app? Sign me up! 
Chatting up a sexy mystery man? Hell yeah!
Throwing caution to the wind and getting a little raunchy? F*** yes!
Dealing with a new boss who’s hell on earth? Ugh, no thank you.

Jason Barrett might be the sexiest man I’ve seen in ages, but he’s also a nightmare of a boss.
Constant side-eye and insane expectations are just the tip of the iceberg with him. 
He knows how to push my buttons and walks around like he owns the place.
And the way he acts after a literal office run-in? Forget it.

Luckily, I’ve found a special someone on Privately, the newest, hottest dating app.
Sure, it has an air of mystery to it, but I like the suspense.
But now that it’s time to meet, anxiety is creeping in. 
What if he doesn’t like me?
What if he wears his pants up to his chin?
In Privately’s world, there’s no telling who or what the app will throw your way.
Let’s just hope it’s not anyone terrible.
Like Jason F*ckin Barrett.

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