Book #2 Update

I hope you’ve had a chance to check out Privately now live and free in KindleUnlimited. So far it looks like you’re loving it, so thank you thank you thank you! Jason and Elena were a joy to write, even if Jason was a bit broody at times.

Next up in the Barrett Brothers is my dear Luke, the tattooed hunk with spunk for days. You met him already, but that’s just the surface of this boy that likes to bare it all 😉 Unlike Jason, Luke’s story came pouring out with a clear vision from the get-go. He’s a straightforward man that’s not as conflicted as Jason, but he’s got his own nuts to crack when it comes to love.

Like Elena, Book #2’s Josie is a sassy woman who won’t be pushed around. She knows what she wants, even if it’s not always what everyone else likes. Josie has more riding on her shoulders than Elena, but she’s still a kickass character that I adore writing. I promise you’ll love her AND her career 🙂

Keep an eye out for release information, as this one is coming fast, and if you haven’t already, check out Privately for some heat and hahas. There’s much more to come!


Privately Release 6/7/19

The day is chosen! Privately will be available Friday June 7th!

Shh. Some things are better left in the dark.


Post-wedding disaster, I’m ready to move on, and what better way than with Privately? 

Its wild success stories dominate morning talk shows, so why can’t I be one of them?

Although, it will be hard finding anything close to a happily ever after while dealing with Jason – my new, incredibly sexy, yet temperamental, boss – a man who has hated me since day one on the job.

* * *


I hate how I feel around Elena.

Her presence ignites a fire inside no cold shower can douse.

She blurs the boundaries between work and play, leaving me with an uneasy urge to explore the flames.  

Neither will bend in their disdain for the other unless of course, they’re brought together…



Writing Playlist

So everyone knows the power of music. A good beat or a catchy hook can wrap you up for days on end, humming or drumming it without realizing it. When writing, I always rely on music to get the juices flowing from everything to angsty scenes to sexy times.

For Privately, it was no different. I figured I’d compile a list of songs that played on repeat while crafting Privately. You’ll notice a lot of Nothing More. Admittedly, they’re my favorite band by a mile. Fabulous live if you ever have the chance to see them.

  • Nothing More: “Go to War”
  • Halsey: “Alone”
  • Nothing More: “I’ll Be Okay”
  • Asking Alexandria: “Into the Fire”
  • Bad Wolves ft. Diamonte: “Hear Me Now”
  • Highly Suspect: “My Name is Human”
  • Halsey: “Without Me”
  • Papa Roach ft. Maria Brink: “Gravity”
  • Highly Suspect: “Little One”
  • Nothing More: “This is the Time”
  • The Weeknd: “Earned It”
  • Rihanna: “Work”
  • Ginuwine: “Pony” – seriously, how does anyone write a sex scene without this?
  • Zayn – “Pillowtalk”


Character Intros

Privately introduces us to the world of the Barrett Brothers: Jason, Luke, and Ethan. They’re similar: dark hair, dashing blue eyes, and a glow that attracts people like moths to a flame. Not literally, of course. If I man is glowing, check if he’s visited Chernobyl. But they’re also strikingly different, as most siblings are. I wanted to give you a sampling of the faces you’ll be meeting in Book #1, Privately.

Jason: The eldest brother, Jason is the level-headed corporate juggernaut. He’s only known one thing since starting at Croft: success. He’ll bend rules but never breaks them, all while soaking up the praise of the board for his quarterly metrics. Careful and calculating, he’s not one for love, a dance he sees as nothing but a reckless pursuit of pseudo-happiness. He’d rather focus on his favorite Ps: power, pussy, and promotions. 

Elena: Croft’s resident Jill of all trades, Elena has had it with false promises, whether at work or in love. Now that she’s healed from her latest dust-up in love, she’s ready to move on from both and get the recognition she deserves. Maybe Privately has a special someone for her, a dating app that reads like an infomercial but has the receipts to prove its claims. Though she may want to be careful what she wishes for. You never know who you’ll meet…

Luke: He’s the exact opposite of his elder brother, shunning norms to carve out a life in Briar. He’s his own boss, bucking the trend of bowing to any man or woman. With long hair and tattoos, he doesn’t look like the typical businessman, but he’s raking it in with his automotive shop and soon-to-be brewery. When he’s not exploring Briar’s ladies, you can find on the inlet, his favorite place to get away from it all, including his past.

Ethan: The youngest Barrett, Ethan is a man of mystery. On the surface, he’s a tech guy, but everyone knows Ethan belongs in front of a canvas-not a screen. Maybe after he’s satisfied closing million-dollar deals, he’ll follow his heart. Or perhaps he’ll continue to live a life in the shadows, chasing his muse.


Privately Checklist

Privately is coming! Here’s a nifty checklist to see if it’s your kind of romance. Something tells me you’ll all love Jason Barrett.

  • Brooding alpha? Yup
  • Likeable heroine? Yup
  • Characters that aren’t pushovers? Yup
  • An alpha that isn’t a complete asshole? Yup
  • Angst? Yup
  • Workplace romance? Yup
  • Forbidden? Yup
  • Sexy times? Yup Yup Yup
  • Relatable? Yup
  • Humor? Yup


Privately Hahas

Part of the writing process is producing beta copies. These are copies that the author sends out to a core group of readers who give feedback. They pick up anything weird we might miss as the writer like unclear jokes, changing eye color, or odd wording. I’m from New Jersey, so trust me, plenty of odd wording sneaks in my early drafts since we tend to drop off words mid-sentence without realizing it. You’ll probably find it in my blogs too, so I apologize.

I have several still out right now, and Panda (the fiancé) has one on his phone. He’s been fabulous when I call with penis questions while he’s at work, so he can have a copy of anything at this point. He works with mostly men, and he’s mentioned my career path a time or two. Surprisingly, he has a male coworker who loves romance novels! He let him read an excerpt of Privately, and the feedback was “holy fuck dude.” Now I don’t know about you, but I take that as a compliment! I don’t want to spoil the scene, but it’s an amusing sexual adventure so to speak.

I had another where someone close to me asked for a copy, which again, I reluctantly agreed to. I don’t know why, but having those close to me reading about sexy times that I create makes my skin prickly, especially when they start asking if that’s how we get freaky which is a lady-boner killer. Don’t ask authors that! Moving on, she messaged me about scissoring late one night, and I’m still laughing as I type this.

We’re entering the homestretch of betas, and then I’ll have an official release date. Privately has been such a fun journey, and I can’t wait to share Jason and Elena with you. I’m always looking for betas too, so if you’re interested in joining my beta group, shoot me a message on here or Facebook @KBCinderAuthor


Privately Introduction

Shhh. Some things are better left in the dark.

Coming Soon: Privately – A Standalone Barrett Brothers Romance

Settle in with the story of Elena and Jason, an enemies-to-lovers duo of troubled souls finding paradise in one another. This is a workplace romance with a splash of KB comedy thanks to an accidental connection. There is heat in this one, so keep your fans on, and don’t clutch your pearls too tight.

Ready to move on from a tumultuous past, Elena turns to Privately, an anonymous dating app. With its wild success stories of people falling in love, she’s hoping to become one of them. Although, it’s going to be difficult finding anything close to a happily ever after while dealing with Jason – her new, incredibly sexy, yet temperamental, boss – a man who has hated her since day one on the job.

Jason loathes how he feels around Elena. Her presence ignites a fire inside that no cold shower can douse. She blurs the boundaries between work and play, leaving him with an uneasy urge to explore the flames. Neither is willing to bend in their disdain for the other unless of course, they’re brought together…

I loved writing Jason and Elena’s story, even if Jason did deserve a flick at time or two. Luke was also a hoot to introduce to you all, as he’s the hellion we all love. Well, some love to hate. But you’ll hear more about him soon, as he’s coming up in the second installation of the Barrett Brothers romance series, also a standalone.


Why Write Angst?

Ah, angst. Gritty, heart-breaking, and best of all – irresistible. My fiancé, Panda, asked me why I include angst in my writing. You see, Panda is as straightforward as they come. He doesn’t pull any punches in conversation and always says what he means the first time around. Generally, this leads to no issues unless he misfires during the wrong time of the month. Example: “Why are you getting chocolate? Didn’t you just buy it last week?” Silly man. Anyway, I explained to my well-meaning yet misguided partner that life is angsty, therefore a romance novel should be too.

Not everything is sunshine and roses. If it were, life wouldn’t be nearly as fun. Some things are absolutely horrific at the time to go through, but you learn to look back and laugh at them years later. Remember the time you pierced your nose, and your mom went apeshit? It was Earth-shattering at the time that you couldn’t have a hunk of metal in your face, but years later, you laugh about it. At least I do. I also have the awesome scar tissue in my nostril as proof. Pro tip: don’t pierce your own nose at 15, guys.

Similarly, real romance isn’t angst-free. You’re jumping headfirst into a relationship with your crazy, their crazy, and everyone else’s crazy. Puppy love gets real after a spell, especially when you move in together and real life smacks you in the face with literal dirty laundry, questionable grooming habits, and more. While those aren’t fun to read about in a romance novel, other things are part of the party. Past histories, outside influences (uh, in-laws anyone?), and even self-sabotage can play a role in romantic angst.

With Privately, the angst is abundant. Jason and Elena have both been through life’s mud and have the stains to prove it. But sometimes a little romance is all you need to scrub some of it off, right? In Luke Barrett’s upcoming adventure, things get downright sticky. Like mud, molasses, and maple syrup sticky. We’ll see how that washes off.

What do you think of angst mixed in romance writing? Are angsty romances for you?