Coming of Sage is out NOW

I warned you he was coming…

Coming of Sage is LIVE in KindleUnlimited

Best friend’s brother? ☑️
A sex toy saleswoman? ☑️
Enemies to lovers☑️
A trip to Vegas☑️
A 12-inch friend named Spike☑️
Laugh out loud moments☑️

He and Dashing Through the No have a new look, and honestly, I’m in love. It fits the series so well. While we’re here, here’s the cover and name reveal of book #3 Later Slater, set to hit on April 2 [now available for preorder on Amazon]


Coming of Sage

You met him in Dashing Through the No, and he’s coming…


I need a drink. 
Or four.

I’ve handled a lot of, ahem, tools in my life. 
But none as big or thick as Sage Mullen.
Thick-skulled, that is. 
He’s my best friend’s older brother and a complete jerk.
I’m also stuck with him for a long weekend in Vegas.

Oh, and one small detail…
We shared a night once that still curls my toes just thinking about. 
That was before he shattered me into a thousand pieces, of course.

I need to play it cool and keep my eyes on the prize. 
And off of him.
I’ve had a taste of that disaster before, and it still burns my tongue.

Four days. 
I can do it. 
The future of my business is on the line. 
No pressure, right?

Coming of Sage – 1.31.20

Coming Soon

Painted Love (Book #3 of Barrett Brothers) is on its way. This is the last in the series and follows the youngest brother, Ethan.

Need to catch up with my Barrett boys? Both are #free in KindleUnlimited

Barrett All:

Hiring a crush is foolish.
Hiring your obsession is downright dangerous.
I’ve built an empire I’d die to protect, only to plant a landmine at its center.
Keely Doyle is the air in my lungs.
The blood in my veins.
The muse to my madness.
Because of her, I’m worth hundreds of millions.
And because of her, I might lose it all.


A Facelift at 29???

How’s it going, ya’ll? Autumn has finally arrived here in NJ, and I’m so flippin’ excited. It’s still hot, but at least it’s not oh-em-gee-my-face-is-melting-off hot. This is my favorite time of year, not just because I’m a spooky b!tch, but because I love writing outside. Seriously. Give me a hoodie and a rocking chair, and I’ll spend the whole day on the porch writing.

Speaking of writing… Ethan’s book has a name finally: Painted Love. And so do the two series that’ll be arriving after Barrett Brothers wraps up. PL has been coming along a little slower for me, mainly because of all the craziness with the wedding and #life. But you guys… Ethan and Keely are 🔥 They’re so deliciously different than Jason/Elena & Luke/Josie. I can’t wait for ya’ll to check them out.

And speaking of checking out… I’m only 29… but I think it’s time for a facelift. No, not for me sillies, but for the series as a whole. The current covers are lovely, but they don’t quite show my boys for what they are. So over the next few weeks, I’ll be re-releasing with new covers that I hope you love as much as I do because guys… 😍

Here’s for finishing the rest of 2019 with a 💥


National Dog Day

For those who don’t know me, I’m a dog mama first and foremost. I have five pups that I adore, each with their own quirks and personalities. They’re a hell of a lot of work, but I wouldn’t trade them for the world. These are my constant companions, and each has spent time with me while writing (though Moxie and Maya generally are my main writing buddies while the boys ignore me.) The pittie princesses are also the inspiration behind Barrett All‘s Tally.

So here’s to National Dog Day and all the pups out there! From one dog mama to another, give your pups a pet from me!


I’m Back!

I’m a married woman, ya’ll! Everything went great, and we survived the Bahamas! Our swim with the pigs excursion was canceled, but all is well with the world. I had an AMAZING time with Panda and can’t wait to see where life takes us next.

For anyone looking to head that way, I highly recommend Great Exuma over Nassau if you like to truly unwind and unplug. Super mellow place with sweet locals, a laid back feel, and scenery galore. No cruise ships in sight either which is always a bonus.

Now it’s back to reality, and Ethan’s book is chugging along slowly but surely. I have some other projects I’m pecking at as well, so stay tuned!


Super Saturday!

Happy Saturday! It’s beautiful here in NJ, and time is ticking down on leaving for the Bahamas. Time is also ticking closer to Ethan’s book releasing. You see hints of Ethan in Privately… and some more in Barrett All. But you’re going to LOVE the youngest Barrett in all his glory. He’s such a spiderweb of a character that he’s been difficult to write, but the reward has been well-worth it. I’m in love with how he turned out, and he’s so different from his brothers that he’s the perfect way to finish out the series.

As the Barrett Brothers wind down, we’ll be jumping head first into Briar, where we meet a wealthy single father scorned in the past by love but playing nice with his ex, Lynette, for the sake of their son. Name familiar? That’s right. It’s that Lynette’s ex. We’re also going to spend some time with Marsh, Luke Barrett’s long-time wingman, and everyone’s favorite nurse and sweetheart.

There are a ton of things cooking on my author stovetop, but I promise lots more this year and beyond. I hope you loved the Barrett Brothers so far. I know I enjoyed writing them!


Friday Feels

Hey there!

Barrett All has been out ONE WEEK already. Crazy, right? It feels like I was figuring out the title yesterday! I love the tattooed, potty-mouthed hunk… especially with his calamari comparisons…

Did you get down and dirty with one of Briar’s filthiest secrets? A secret that’s only beginning the unwind. Barrett All is also the in-depth introduction to Briar, Maine, the setting of a future series following the town. These Barrett Boys are just a taste of this cozy coastal town. Make sure you check out Privately and Barrett All. Ethan’s book is right around the corner!

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Barrett All is LIVE

Barrett All is LIVE and #free with KU!

Luke Barrett.
Lover. Liar. Cheat. Criminal.
He left me on the hook for his sins.
I haven’t thought of him since the day I said: “I do.”
But life has a funny way of unearthing your deepest, darkest desire.
And mine just happens to be him.

Barrett All Releases Tomorrow

That’s right; my latest baby will be out for the world tomorrow on Amazon!

This is my heart story, ya’ll. Luke has been on my mind since I created the Barrett Brothers. His grit. That potty mouth. The muscles. The tattoos. The heart in there somewhere. I hope you love him as much as I do!

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