Coming of Sage

You met him in Dashing Through the No, and he’s coming…


I need a drink. 
Or four.

I’ve handled a lot of, ahem, tools in my life. 
But none as big or thick as Sage Mullen.
Thick-skulled, that is. 
He’s my best friend’s older brother and a complete jerk.
I’m also stuck with him for a long weekend in Vegas.

Oh, and one small detail…
We shared a night once that still curls my toes just thinking about. 
That was before he shattered me into a thousand pieces, of course.

I need to play it cool and keep my eyes on the prize. 
And off of him.
I’ve had a taste of that disaster before, and it still burns my tongue.

Four days. 
I can do it. 
The future of my business is on the line. 
No pressure, right?

Coming of Sage – 1.31.20