Super Saturday!

Happy Saturday! It’s beautiful here in NJ, and time is ticking down on leaving for the Bahamas. Time is also ticking closer to Ethan’s book releasing. You see hints of Ethan in Privately… and some more in Barrett All. But you’re going to LOVE the youngest Barrett in all his glory. He’s such a spiderweb of a character that he’s been difficult to write, but the reward has been well-worth it. I’m in love with how he turned out, and he’s so different from his brothers that he’s the perfect way to finish out the series.

As the Barrett Brothers wind down, we’ll be jumping head first into Briar, where we meet a wealthy single father scorned in the past by love but playing nice with his ex, Lynette, for the sake of their son. Name familiar? That’s right. It’s that Lynette’s ex. We’re also going to spend some time with Marsh, Luke Barrett’s long-time wingman, and everyone’s favorite nurse and sweetheart.

There are a ton of things cooking on my author stovetop, but I promise lots more this year and beyond. I hope you loved the Barrett Brothers so far. I know I enjoyed writing them!