Non-Writing News!

I wanted to take a step back from Luke’s story which is wrapping up to say: did ya’ll know I’m getting MARRIED in two months? How friggin crazy is that? If you don’t know, Panda and I have been together six years next month, and he’s the man behind the fairytales.

We aren’t doing the big, elaborate party with a bajillion guests. I loathe being the center of attention, so we’re marrying on a beach in the Bahamas with just the two of us present. While other little girls dreamed of horse-drawn carriages and ballgowns for their big day, I was totally indifferent. Still am. All I knew was that I wanted to marry my person my way, and I found a love that couldn’t agree more.

Since I write so much here about my writing, I figured it’d be cool to give ya’ll the scoop on the behind the scenes stuff. Obviously KB is a pen name (my given name is Kelsey), and there’s a human behind the screen typing away. So if you’re looking for me during the week of August 16th, I’ll be hanging out with a drink in the sand somewhere, probably trying to pet an animal that doesn’t want to be petted. If you want to stay in the loop and maybe see some cool pictures, follow my page or add me on Facebook.