Privately Release 6/7/19

The day is chosen! Privately will be available Friday June 7th!

Shh. Some things are better left in the dark.


Post-wedding disaster, I’m ready to move on, and what better way than with Privately? 

Its wild success stories dominate morning talk shows, so why can’t I be one of them?

Although, it will be hard finding anything close to a happily ever after while dealing with Jason – my new, incredibly sexy, yet temperamental, boss – a man who has hated me since day one on the job.

* * *


I hate how I feel around Elena.

Her presence ignites a fire inside no cold shower can douse.

She blurs the boundaries between work and play, leaving me with an uneasy urge to explore the flames.  

Neither will bend in their disdain for the other unless of course, they’re brought together…