Writing Playlist

So everyone knows the power of music. A good beat or a catchy hook can wrap you up for days on end, humming or drumming it without realizing it. When writing, I always rely on music to get the juices flowing from everything to angsty scenes to sexy times.

For Privately, it was no different. I figured I’d compile a list of songs that played on repeat while crafting Privately. You’ll notice a lot of Nothing More. Admittedly, they’re my favorite band by a mile. Fabulous live if you ever have the chance to see them.

  • Nothing More: “Go to War”
  • Halsey: “Alone”
  • Nothing More: “I’ll Be Okay”
  • Asking Alexandria: “Into the Fire”
  • Bad Wolves ft. Diamonte: “Hear Me Now”
  • Highly Suspect: “My Name is Human”
  • Halsey: “Without Me”
  • Papa Roach ft. Maria Brink: “Gravity”
  • Highly Suspect: “Little One”
  • Nothing More: “This is the Time”
  • The Weeknd: “Earned It”
  • Rihanna: “Work”
  • Ginuwine: “Pony” – seriously, how does anyone write a sex scene without this?
  • Zayn – “Pillowtalk”