Character Intros

Privately introduces us to the world of the Barrett Brothers: Jason, Luke, and Ethan. They’re similar: dark hair, dashing blue eyes, and a glow that attracts people like moths to a flame. Not literally, of course. If I man is glowing, check if he’s visited Chernobyl. But they’re also strikingly different, as most siblings are. I wanted to give you a sampling of the faces you’ll be meeting in Book #1, Privately.

Jason: The eldest brother, Jason is the level-headed corporate juggernaut. He’s only known one thing since starting at Croft: success. He’ll bend rules but never breaks them, all while soaking up the praise of the board for his quarterly metrics. Careful and calculating, he’s not one for love, a dance he sees as nothing but a reckless pursuit of pseudo-happiness. He’d rather focus on his favorite Ps: power, pussy, and promotions. 

Elena: Croft’s resident Jill of all trades, Elena has had it with false promises, whether at work or in love. Now that she’s healed from her latest dust-up in love, she’s ready to move on from both and get the recognition she deserves. Maybe Privately has a special someone for her, a dating app that reads like an infomercial but has the receipts to prove its claims. Though she may want to be careful what she wishes for. You never know who you’ll meet…

Luke: He’s the exact opposite of his elder brother, shunning norms to carve out a life in Briar. He’s his own boss, bucking the trend of bowing to any man or woman. With long hair and tattoos, he doesn’t look like the typical businessman, but he’s raking it in with his automotive shop and soon-to-be brewery. When he’s not exploring Briar’s ladies, you can find on the inlet, his favorite place to get away from it all, including his past.

Ethan: The youngest Barrett, Ethan is a man of mystery. On the surface, he’s a tech guy, but everyone knows Ethan belongs in front of a canvas-not a screen. Maybe after he’s satisfied closing million-dollar deals, he’ll follow his heart. Or perhaps he’ll continue to live a life in the shadows, chasing his muse.