Privately Hahas

Part of the writing process is producing beta copies. These are copies that the author sends out to a core group of readers who give feedback. They pick up anything weird we might miss as the writer like unclear jokes, changing eye color, or odd wording. I’m from New Jersey, so trust me, plenty of odd wording sneaks in my early drafts since we tend to drop off words mid-sentence without realizing it. You’ll probably find it in my blogs too, so I apologize.

I have several still out right now, and Panda (the fiancé) has one on his phone. He’s been fabulous when I call with penis questions while he’s at work, so he can have a copy of anything at this point. He works with mostly men, and he’s mentioned my career path a time or two. Surprisingly, he has a male coworker who loves romance novels! He let him read an excerpt of Privately, and the feedback was “holy fuck dude.” Now I don’t know about you, but I take that as a compliment! I don’t want to spoil the scene, but it’s an amusing sexual adventure so to speak.

I had another where someone close to me asked for a copy, which again, I reluctantly agreed to. I don’t know why, but having those close to me reading about sexy times that I create makes my skin prickly, especially when they start asking if that’s how we get freaky which is a lady-boner killer. Don’t ask authors that! Moving on, she messaged me about scissoring late one night, and I’m still laughing as I type this.

We’re entering the homestretch of betas, and then I’ll have an official release date. Privately has been such a fun journey, and I can’t wait to share Jason and Elena with you. I’m always looking for betas too, so if you’re interested in joining my beta group, shoot me a message on here or Facebook @KBCinderAuthor