Privately Introduction

Shhh. Some things are better left in the dark.

Coming Soon: Privately – A Standalone Barrett Brothers Romance

Settle in with the story of Elena and Jason, an enemies-to-lovers duo of troubled souls finding paradise in one another. This is a workplace romance with a splash of KB comedy thanks to an accidental connection. There is heat in this one, so keep your fans on, and don’t clutch your pearls too tight.

Ready to move on from a tumultuous past, Elena turns to Privately, an anonymous dating app. With its wild success stories of people falling in love, she’s hoping to become one of them. Although, it’s going to be difficult finding anything close to a happily ever after while dealing with Jason – her new, incredibly sexy, yet temperamental, boss – a man who has hated her since day one on the job.

Jason loathes how he feels around Elena. Her presence ignites a fire inside that no cold shower can douse. She blurs the boundaries between work and play, leaving him with an uneasy urge to explore the flames. Neither is willing to bend in their disdain for the other unless of course, they’re brought together…

I loved writing Jason and Elena’s story, even if Jason did deserve a flick at time or two. Luke was also a hoot to introduce to you all, as he’s the hellion we all love. Well, some love to hate. But you’ll hear more about him soon, as he’s coming up in the second installation of the Barrett Brothers romance series, also a standalone.